Toss The Feathers Christmas Party

Toss The Feathers Christmas Party is on again. 

Hoping to see as many of you as possible in Manchester on December 22nd.

Music Video for Edinburgh Festival

Hi there,

Great to be living in Edinburgh and experiencing the Festival for the first time this month as a resident of this great city. Getting a very enthusiastic response to gigs at the Waverley Village pop up Bar on Princess St as well as my gigs at The Black Rose, Biddy Mulligans and other renowned local venues. I have also been working on a new music video for my song "It Took A While" from my current Album "Sharing A Song", which was shot in Rome. Here it is, I hope you like it. 


Rome and album review


Just a quick update today. I recently got back from an amazing weekend at Scholars Lounge in Rome. What a magic city to get to play in and the pub truly deserved their Pub of the Year Award - such a great venue.  I am now preparing for four days in Oslo with my band. Hope to see you there!

Also, Folk Radio UK published a review of my new album Sharing a Song. Check it out here


Mighty craic in Rome!

Mighty craic in Rome!

Lastest news

Hi everyone! 

It's been a busy couple of months for me. In September, I moved to Edinburgh, and I have found it a great city for music with lots of sessions and songwriter nights. I have been busy getting to know the local music scene, and have been working hard at getting my name out there and the response has been very good so far. I have played at some fantastic venues and can't believe how warm and welcoming the people in Scotland have been. 

In November I am going to Rome to play a weekend at Scholars Lounge, who won the Irish Pun Global Award earlier this month (congratulations!), before heading to Oslo, Norway at the end of the month to The Dubliner Irish Pub. 

On December 23rd, I'm teaming up with the ret of the lads in Toss the Feathers again for our yearly Christmas gig in St Kents Fallowfield. This is always a great and I can't wait to see all our fans again.  

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my CD, both online and at my live concerts. I hope you've enjoyed it!  

The album is available here.

Love from Eddie


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