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From Thursday 20.01.21 at 8pm GMT, I plan on streaming live through Facebook. Donate here if you would like to see more streaming in the future!

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Gigging during a pandemic

After nearly 5 months since my last gig, I had a great night in the beer garden of Murdochs Irish pub in Augsburg last night. I have been really encouraged in the way that people have embraced the new guidelines since setting out on this trip from Edinburgh on Tuesday last. In Edinburgh Airport, which was very quiet, I went to the Aspire Lounge while waiting for the flight. The lounge was set out very well for social distancing with a one way system for going to the (plastic wrapped) food area. The Ryanair flight was very quiet with mask wearing all the way. When I arrived in Memmingen Airport there were signs for the Covid Test Centre where the process was carried out free of charge. It took all of 5 mins.
Last night gig was performed outdoors with social distancing measures in place. I'm very excited to do another three gigs here in Augsburg before going home.


My first live gigs since St Patrick's Day

Hi Guys, I am delighted to announce my first live performances for a very long time. The 4 gigs will take place in Augsburg, Germany next month, 12-15 August. It has been 148 days since my last gig, or to put it another way, 40.44% of 2020. Click here for details. I am going to be spending the next few weeks doing some revision, can't wait!


Songwriting in lockdown

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