Let the Light in

Take some time out let yourself breath 
Look around you this is what you need 
Dip your toe in the water notice how it feels You’re living it up fill up your cup 

Open up your eyes 
Cause the world is waiting for your sun to rise Open up your eyes 
Let the light in feel your spirit shine 

The birds sing at daybreak feels good to be alive 
The morning mist evaporates like troubles over time 
In the meadow hear the bees drone they harmonise your mind 
You’re living it up fill up your cup 

Slow it down the answers will come 
All the things that cloud your mind start falling one by one 
All that your heart desires gleaming in the sun You’re living it up fill up your cup

(P) (C) Eddie Sheehan 2014 
Slide Records. All rights reserved.