It Took a While


It took a while to finally find 
The man I wanted to be, strong and kind 
It took a while to find the road 
To find the man I’d be when all is told  

And it took some time to find my stride 
Choose the right way to live my life 
To work it hard and see the light 
It took a while but that’s alright 

And Rome wasn’t built in a day,
No-ones perfect I hear you say 
Be kind to yourself my friend,
We’ll get there in the end 

And it took a while to know my friends 
The real genuine ones heaven sent 
I made some changes they had to be 
Now look at me new as can be 

And it took a while to find my love 
One who gives and doesn’t judge 
I’m glad she’s mine and I am free 
It took a while and now I’ve found me

Raise a Glass Tonight


It’s plain to see 
When we sing and dance together 
Energy coursing through our veins 
The love of life we’re going to live forever 

It’s a two way street thumping chords and tapping feet 
The pulse of life flowing through our hearts The simple joy a gift for you when we meet 
To see you smile means everything to me 

So raise a glass tonight
And sing this song with all your might 
Raise a glass tonight
And keep our friendship burning bright 

The birds in the sky know the song of freedom A remedy to free a busy mind 
Find a note and share it with someone 
See a face light up and let it shine for all  

If I only had one wish it would surely go like this 
That you may live a long and happy life 
Your melody sweet and sun-kissed 
Would warm the heart of everyone you meet

Sheet Music


We can feel it from within 
It gets louder every day 
We can strangle it with sin 
And often find a way 
We can wash it down with drink 
But that will never stop the rise 
If your spirit starts to sink 
Trust your instinctive cries 

Let poetry enthrall 
With its bent, bewitching power 
For the heart cannot be galled 
When the intellect's in flower 

Free the feral voice to sing 
So the rhymes are scorching hot 
With wild rhythms on the wing 
We can unleash the lot 
Break out with thumping beats 
And shape the primal into tunes 
Cast off the doubt to find ourselves 
Howling at the moon 

We can feel it from within 
We can strangle it with sin 
But if the spirit starts to sink

Time to Let the Heart Speak


He woke at dawn with excitement in his bones On this his long awaited day, he will say I do and sign his name 
The other side of town a woman checks the time 
Storm clouds gather at first light sleep was not her friend last night  

She has always been the only one for him Childhood sweethearts he’s only half the man when their apart 
He doesn’t know that she’s having second thoughts 
The fruits of a chance encounter are closing in around her 

And I could not see this coming, and I don’t know what to say 
So it’s time to let the heart speak before the chance slips away 
Like a boat beyond the bay  

She packs a suitcase and is headed for the train Take flight, no fight no time to explain 
He waits patiently an hour it has passed 
Walks back down the aisle alone she didn’t message him or phone he was all-alone  

On the local village bench he wiles away his days 
Forty years and still no mended heart wishes he could go back to the start 
She sometimes thinks of him, her memory’s tinged with shame 
She regrets how she left with not a word to say, what could she say

Feeling the Love in her Heart


He held her hand they walked together 
Up the Grove Road that leads to Fethard 
Past the old town wall on through the market square 
And in the evening sunlight there was magic in the air 
And then he looked at her and held her stare 
The love he felt was beyond compare 

The trees seemed to whisper the words in he her head 
Felling the love in her heart 
And the sun shone a light on how she felt 
She was feeling the love in her heart  

At the foot of Slievenamon the mountain of the women 
He told her how Gráinne’s race was won to be Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s woman 
At the rock of Cashel beneath the Celtic cross 
On ancient soil he kissed he soft He held her head in his hands 
'Twas then she knew he was her man  

In his family’s place there’s warmth and grace Flowing like the local river 
Gently bending to find a way 
True happiness the words they pray